Riding the Waves of Life


6 – 8th December

We invite you for a weekend of self-discovery, exploration and learning on how to surf more smoothly through the waves of life.

„Riding the Waves of Life” is seen as a metaphor for life. The waves of the ocean move with energy that is available at all times to us all. Yet to ride the waves takes preparation, perspective and positioning and this is not always easy when we are simply trying to stay afloat.


  • This workshop is for you if any of these questions are currently on your mind:
  • What are my forward moving forces that will bring me closer to my vision or goals?
  • Where is the confidence and trust in myself so I am ready to ride the challenges ahead?
  • Is now the time for patience and reflection or for action and concrete steps?
  • How to find balance between life and work?
  • What is going on when things are not going so well and can I quickly and easily find my strengths and grounding to bring myself ‘back to life’?
  • What are my next steps in life?


  • Friday, 6th December (18.00 to 21.30)
  • Saturday 7th December (09.30 to 18.00)
  • Sunday 8th December (09.30 to 17.00)

Please note the workshop will be run in English language.


The price is RON 970 (€220) if paying privately and RON 1,500 (€335) if paying through a business. Refreshments and light lunch are included.

We are offering a discount of 10% if you register and pay by the 15th of November.

Registration on our website here.

Who are we?

Ian Peatey is from the UK and lives in Bucharest. He runs workshops and retreats for organisations in the private sector and public sector and his work takes him throughout Europe. He’s been a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication since 2008. He will bring Nonviolent Communication as an approach to help get in touch with the dynamic flow of life and bring more meaningful connection with those around you.

Petra Muller-Demary is from Germany and lives in Bucharest. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resources and management development. She has a doctorate in motivational psychology and is a facilitator of both Systemic Constellations and Solution Focused Counselling. She offers ‘Solution Focus’ as a way to help you discover what already works in your life and what you can do more of to move in your desired direction.

Rita Klemmayer is also from Germany and lives in Munich. Since 1986 she has been in private practice in coaching and psychotherapy and is trained in meditation, Solution Focused Counselling and Systemic Constellations. She lectures at universities and academies and works for profit and non‐profit organisations. She will be working with Systemic Structured Constellations to create a dynamic, interactive space to look at your topics.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Ian, Petra and Rita

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